Professional development

I have long been interested in the teaching process itself, and have completed the  pedagogical workshops/programs outlined below.

Major Pedagogical Training


  • TEL in Higher Education Certificate (2018):

    • Pilot program to achieve recognition for completion of ten ~1 hr online modules on Technology Enhanced Learning, followed by submission of a reflective piece

  • Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS), offered through Centre for Higher Education, Learning, and Teaching (CHELT), ANU (2017):

    • The EFS is an internationally-accredited professional recognition of teaching experience and expertise in the university setting. The ANU offers the EFS through its subscription to the Higher Education Academy. To gain HEA fellowship at the Associate Fellow level, I had to engage in two Areas of Teaching Activity, demonstrate appropriate core knowledge, complete a reflective narrative and have my application supported by two referees. The overall process took >6 months.   

  • Modules F1-F9 in the Foundations Course offered through CHELT, ANU (2017):

    • The Foundations course consists of a series of ten ~2 hr modules (both online and face-to-face) that aim to equip ANU teachers with strategies, tools, and frameworks to support their university teaching. To complete the course, I had to complete the various modules and write the reflective pieces associated with EFS application (above), around 6 months of work.

  • Teaching for Science Researchers at ANU (2017)

    • A series of five 1-2 hr CHELT modules designed to help researchers think about their potential future career as a university academic with teaching responsibilities. The format included online reading before face-to-face discussion panels about various aspects of teaching while researching.

  • Teaching Science at College/University Level Introductory Workshop (2013)

    • This was a 1-week workshop offered jointly by the University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute (Tübingen) International PhD Program

  • FIRST-IV workshop - Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching; Theme: Teaching Evolution; 1-week; hosted by CIBIO-UP (Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos da Universidade do Porto), Campus Agrário de Vairão, Vairão, Portugal (2011)


Additional Training


  • ANU Coffee Courses are equivalent to a 1 or 2 hr training session, broken down into small pieces. Completing a course requires doing a short reading or activity at morning tea time at your desk, usually over one week. I completed the following 'Coffee Courses' in 2018:

    • ‘Seven Key Concepts for University Teaching and Learning’

    • ‘Fostering Student Wellbeing’

    • ‘Group and Collaborative Learning’

    • ‘Designing Learning with Technology’

    • ‘Technology in Teaching: From basics to big picture’

    • ‘Peer Assessment and Feedback’

  • ANU 'Coffee Courses' in 2017:

    • 'Virtual Reality – Imagining new educational reality'

    • 'Video in Teaching and Learning: Why Video?'

    • 'Video in Teaching and Learning: Creating Videos'

    • ‘Getting Started with ePortfolios’

    • ‘Build Your Researcher Profile’

    • ‘Getting Started with ePortfolios’