Honours/Masters Project

My colleague, Dr. Kerensa McElroy, and I are excited to be advertising for an Honours or Masters student to work on the following topic:

Telomere length as a biomarker for stress in an Australian pest moth

Photo from ANIC

Photo from ANIC

This project will use data from Australian pest moth populations that have been subjected to severe selective pressure, in the form of insecticide resistance, through time.  Based on the premise that telomeres (chromosome ends) are expected to get shorter as environmental stress increases, we aim to use telomere length as a biomarker for stress in pre- and post-insecticide pest populations. Specifically, we expect to see a shortening of telomere length in stressed (post-insecticide) vs. non-stressed (pre-insecticide) populations.

The successful student will work with us using a bioinformatic pipeline to examine telomere lengths in full genome re-sequencing data.

Please get touch with me if you would like more information!  We are recruiting now!

EDIT: Masters student now recruited :-)