Teaching experience

I have a wide and diverse history of teaching experience relative to opportunity and have thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.  I outline them below. 


courses and workshops


  • BIOL2151 Genetics (2019; ANU): Two lectures and one 3 hr practical; 95 students

  • BIOL8702 Advanced Molecular Techniques (2018 and 2019; ANU): Six lectures and two half-day computer practicals, 20-25 students

  • Population Genomics Workshop Using the 'Stacks' Software Pipeline (2016; ANU): Sole organiser and teacher, 3 students over 3 full days, with modules on: Introduction to the Command Line; QC of Illumina Raw Read Data; the Stacks pipeline; and Standard Population Genomic Analysis using Stacks Outputs

  • Software Carpentry Workshop (2016; ANU): Co-teacher, two modules of Introduction to Unix, with live coding, ~35 students

  • ANU Phylogenetics Workshop (2015; ANU): Teaching assistant, PhD students and postdocs

  • “Statistics in R Workshop” and “Advanced Scientific Writing course” (2013 and 2014; Max Planck Institute, Tübingen campus, Germany): Co-teacher, ~30 students

  • Laboratory demonstrator/TA (2003-2005; Waikato University): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students, general biology to advanced genetics courses; grading of undergraduate assessment tasks

Research Student Supervision


  • PhD Advisor - Pamela Olmedo-Rojas (2019-; University of Otago) Project title: Environmental drivers of evolution for Antarctic terrestrial organisms

  • Masters Supervisor - Nonthakorn (Beatrice) Apirajkamol (2019; ANU)

    • Following the receipt of a CBA Ignition Grant, I have recruited Beatrice to work on a project titled: Effect of stress on telomere length in Helicoverpa armigera

  • Honours Co-supervisor - Holly Sargent (2018; ANU); Project title: Quantifying genetic diversity, load, and divergence between island, captive, and historical rufous hare-wallaby populations to inform re-introductions

  • Masters Student Supervision for BIOL8700 - Nonthakorn (Beatrice) Apirajkamol (2018 Semester Two; ANU)

    • The BIOL8700 course requires students to develop an original research proposal with an academic supervisor; my role is to prepare my student for their MSc research year by advising them on writing their research proposal; I also provide feedback on, and mark, a literature review and experimental plan, with the student then preparing a final research proposal that is marked by other ANU researchers

    • Beatrice’s research project focused on: “Effect of stress on telomere length in Helicoverpa armigera”

  • Masters Student Supervision for BIOL8700 - Luwen Chen (2018 Semester Two; ANU)

    • See above for description of BIOL8700; Luwen’s research project focused on: “The effect of pheromone disruption on mating success and sexual selection of moths

  • PhD Co-supervisor - Jan Meyer (2012-2017; Max Planck Institute, Tübingen, Germany)

    • My role was to provide detailed support in the first 2-3 years around population genomics analysis and ‘PhD’ skills, including time management, experimental set-up efficiency and planning, writing, oral presentation skills

    • Jan successfully defended in 2017, with 11 published papers; he is now working in industry in Frankfurt, Germany

  • Student supervision - BSc/MSc (2005; Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand)

    • This role primarily involved assistance in laboratory techniques and conscientious lab conduct