Below, I provide a non-exhuastive list of current collaborators and a brief description of the projects we are working on.  If you're interested in collaborating on a project with me, please get in touch!


Dr. Craig Moritz - Craig is my current academic mentor and I am hosted by his lab at ANU.  We are currently working on a population demography project in Heteronotia binoei


Dr. Ceridwen Fraser - Crid and I have worked on several genomic projects together so far (e.g.), have a current project examining Antarctic springtails nearing publication, and have a current project on Antarctic mosses underway.


Dr. Ralf Sommer - Ralf and I are ongoing collaborators, with future projects targeting evolution in the model nematode system (Pristionchus pacificus) I studied during my first postdoc.


Dr. Lars Jermiin - Lars and I are currently working on a project about the accuracy of multiple sequence alignment methods.


Dr. Rob Lanfear - we are currently working on a project about the biosecurity threat of the pink bollworm.


Dr. Kerensa McElroy - we are working on a project that aims to optimise library prep protocols to get the best quality genomic data from museum specimens and have recently recruited a student to work on a project examining the effects of stress on the genome


Dr. Tom Walsh - as well as working on the bollworm biosecurity project, Tom and I have an ongoing collaboration (e.g. 1, 2) around all things Helicoverpa (and beyond!).


Dr. Megan McDonald and I are in the early stages of working on a project together that focuses on the population genomics of fungal wheat pathogens.